At Softwater Solution, we combine our knowledge, customers and their markets with a deep SAP understanding to deliver simple, uncomplicated SAP support services. In this complex, commercialised market, we differentiate by taking a wholly customer-centric approach. Our focused, transparent and flexible business model ensures sustained long-term customer relationships. If you choose to work with Softwater Solution, you will be supported by a team of senior SAP consultants with many years industry experience.

We also understand that in today’s complex, fast-moving business environments, traditional waterfall approaches don’t always work. Requirements change and evolve, organisations demand a more rapid ROI and users struggle to articulate their underlying requirements. Hence we promote a culture of continual learning so our highly skilled consultants are focused and always on the top of the latest and greatest developments at SAP.

As a result we pioneered the use of agile techniques in SAP implementations and embedded the three concepts of collaboration, visualisation and iteration into all our delivery approaches.