Business Intelligence, Analytics, Key Performance Indicators
To maintain competitive advantage, you must continually improve business processes. You need to evaluate your marketing effectiveness, identify and measure your profitability, and focus on the areas that bring the greatest return on investment (ROI), but at the same time keep an eye on your operational efficiency. You need a flexible solution to keep you on top of things now and at the same time give you an edge on tomorrow. The key performance indicators (KPIs) need to be monitored with the flexibility of extendable views allowing you to maximize your organization’s effectiveness. You want a solution that extends the value of your existing systems and uses the data you already have, yet is easy to refine as your business grows and your needs change. We build high-performance solutions based on open, standardized tools. These solutions deliver:

Trending and Visual Analysis of your data
Using user-friendly tools, you can inspect and examine your data visually, spotting trends and identify opportunities to improve your business.

Multidimensional Analysis
You can quickly combine and compare large amounts of data that provide interactive views of the key factors of your business. Users can rotate the data views to see different ‘what-if’ scenarios and then drill down to the details for areas of interest. Results can be displayed in standard Microsoft Excel PivotTables and, in a browser-based Web page or a Web Portal.

Results Over the Web
You can provide access to your critical data over the Web by using Standard Office Web Components. What’s more, this is the most efficient and cost-effective way for your organization to provide access to business intelligence.

Utilizing Affordable Technology
Integral to our approach is utilizing the right level of technology tool for each user type of the system. Not all users can leverage the power of complex analytical tools. We deliver architectures that allow sophisticated business analysts to leverage the complex tools, and we also utilize more cost-effective tools to serve basic analysis users and thus we save you money.