Projects that lack the right implementation team, face an increased chance of budget overruns, delayed rollouts, excessive system downtime or complete failure. This is why our highly qualified consultants Starting with the business problem – rather than the solution. This can often lead us to integrate SAP with non-SAP and cloud-based technologies particularly at the edge of the organisation where customers, suppliers and partners are engaged, and where innovation can lead to true differentiation.

We specialize in the following industries:

  • SAP Media, Entertainment and Technology
  • SAP Manufacturing
  • SAP for Public Sector

We take great care in creating the right team for your business from a pool of talented consultants who can draw on industry-specific experience in similar projects, and who offers a proven track record in project delivery.

In addition, cost-effectiveness is a major feature and advantage of all our projects at Softwater Solution. Based on your business goals and operational processes; we will construct the best solution for you, and manage our costs very carefully to ensure that you get the best possible implementation engagement with us.


Our dedicated team of consultants will accelerate your journey to implement SAP S/4HANA, the next-generation ERP Suite. Softwater Solutions approach and deep business domain expertise facilitate a structured framework for your business to gear up for digitization.

By leveraging existing ERP assets and combining them with the power of the new S/4HANA technology, we can help our clients move forward and realise the new strategic value of their business on a single platform.

Find out more about our S/4HANA capabilities.

Why choose Softwater Solution for your SAP implementation?

Work with a team who have relevant industry experience and a proven track record in project delivery

Reduce risk, minimise disruption and anticipate all scenarios with highly experienced, fully qualified SAP Consultants

Get full value from your SAP investment

End-to-end implementation program from design through to user training

Use of common reusable components to reduce costs

High adoption and satisfaction levels through extensive user acceptance testing and training