An organization can improve its efficiencies and bottom line by integrating its systems. A business user should perceive an integrated system to provide:

  • Consistent data across the entire organization.
  • Computer support to ease or automate the mundane and ‘regular’ work permitting users to focus on more important aspects of their jobs.
  • Business process support that improves workflow and inter-company communications.
  • Easy to use computer applications An integrated system does not imply using one system.
  • A ‘best of breeds’ approach can be employed where each individual system is carefully chosen to suit a specific business area and seamlessly integrate with other systems.

Softwater Solutions LTD deploys integrated solutions with the help of the following integration service tools:


An important part of integrating systems is to ensure that the corporate information can be shared amongst all corporate applications. One method used for integration is to set up an automatic transfer of data, a batch processor include some level of manual intervention. Some integrated data feeds/pipes are used in the following areas:

  • Automatic posting to accounting ledgers.
  • Adding customer information from external contracted telemarketing firms.
  • Access to purchased statistical data.
  • Adding an order placed on the web to the back-end fulfilment system Softwater Solution LTD has the technical skill to ensure the engagement occurs automatically.


Often, an existing application or business process does not provide all the functionality required for the business group. A common example is in the case where business users need to capture, report and integrate new information with the existing system. In such a scenario, Softwater Solution would work with the users to determine what new information is required and how the existing system could be customized to support the new set of needs. If the existing system is flexible enough, it can be customized directly. Otherwise, we would build ‘Business Applets’ that would integrate into the organization’s business model and processes.