Project scoping

Determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and ultimately costs.

Proof of concept (POC)

Proof of concept is the system demonstration to show the product, service or solution proposed for a project works.


Requirement gathering sessions  to gather requirements and capture processes.


Define the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data for SAP/VIM system to satisfy specified customer requirements.


Realisation of signed-off deliverables , which are aligned to the business and IT strategy, at a lower cost.

End user training

End user/super user training to improve systems use and performance to help optimize.


Post go-live support  with onsite/offshore support teams to enable systems stabilisation  and ease of use by troubleshooting  issues and resolving them based on agreed SLAs.

Systems optimisation/Process reengineering

Optimise systems performance , reengineer processes to provide better and seamless business processes.

Corporate training for organisations

Corporate training for organisations to develop their knowledge and skills for improved organisational collaboration and better productivity.

S/4 Hana Solutions – Cloud/Hybrid

We also provide S/4 Hana advisory, migration and deployment services to help customers get the best from their existing landscape or move into cloud functionality.


We have experienced analysts who understand the key business values, know how to communicate with users, comprehend the technology and previous experience handling this. Let us help you with your software problem.

Our analysts will meet with you and your users to fully understand the environment, the problems and any issue that concerns you. We will ‘dig deep’ into the problem by analyzing the user business processes, internal IT software/hardware and cross-reference this information with the industry. We will provide ‘plain English’ talk on our findings and provide options on how to solve it. Our recommendations will provide you the confidence to decide your best course of action.


“I know that we have that information. It’s somewhere in the system… How do we get it in a usable form?”

Software applications that are right for your business, provide access to critical information when you need it and in a form that is easily understood. Effective decision-making is dependent on using current information to understand trends. Getting that information in a timely manner is a key factor in giving you a competitive edge! Softwater Solution uses their expertise in the business world and merges it with their technical knowledge to build effective software solutions, which give you the information you need exactly, when you need it.

“There has to be a software solution…– but how do we build it?”

Software solutions are available for every business need. Some of our clients have a clear vision of the software application or product they need to build their business – they just need experienced professionals to take them to the next step. Other clients have a vague feeling that there must be a software solution for their unique needs, but have not been able to find the software to meets these needs. Softwater Solution Our vision is to help clients achieve their highest levels of sales and customer success by generating demand, winning opportunities, growing accounts, and managing sales performance. We seek to accomplish this through a single platform of assessments and analytics, learning, and sales process playbooks. The Cosine approach enables a faster and more successful execution of sales improvement initiatives.can help you build a software application or product that is unique to your business. Ask us about some of the systems we have developed – you’ll be surprised at the wide range of solutions we have created!

“We’ve got to get on the Internet… or we’re just not competitive!”

While many people only see the Internet as a digital brochure or e- commerce solution, web-based applications can do so much more. There are many ways the web can be combined with your other business initiatives, to help your business gain a unique edge over your competition. Softwater Solution is creative and innovative in building web applications. Experts in business solutions, we can design and implement appropriate web technology to help solve all of your business challenges.